Indonesian people get confuse when pronouncing FAITH. Some of Indonesian will say: FE-IT (2 syllables) or FA-IT and the others will say like we usually say: FEIT (1 syllable). Sometimes there are people that read “Faith” as Fatih. And by the advance technology Google give us, we can check which one that is right. Just … Continue reading Faith

Top 10 Trivia about Morotai

Kabupaten Morotai is historically known as Kingdom of Moro. Morotai literally means Moro on The Sea. McArthur Island is also known as Zum Zum Island. There is Trikora Monument in Wawama Village. Muhlis Eso and friends are the founder of the WWII Museum. One of Indonesian Navy Base is located on Morotai. Hubei Wanda China … Continue reading Top 10 Trivia about Morotai