Jurnal Gizi Indonesia (Universitas Diponegoro)

Jurnal Gizi Indonesia (The Indonesian Journal of Nutrition) (p-ISSN 1858-4942, e-ISSN: 2338-3119) is published twice a year (June and December) by Department of Nutrition Science, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Diponegoro in collaboration with the Indonesian Nutrition Association (PERSAGI) Central Java. The Indonesian Journal of Nutrition is a National Journal with S2 Sinta Score that focused on research in the field of nutrition.

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The editor receives unpublished articles from researcher in specific format as mentioned in the “Author Guideline and Submission”. All articles with subject of Nutrition from national and international researchers are welcome to be submitted to this journal. All published articles were peer-reviewed by reputable reviewers. All published articles were published in Jurnal Gizi Indonesia (JGI) include results of original scientific research and case studies in the field of :

  • clinical nutrition and dietetics
  • foodservice
  • community nutrition
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  • The scope of article study should be in the area of clinical nutrition and dietetics, food services, and community nutrition.
  • Prior the acceptance of the article, author should complete the form of submission declaration together with the submitted manuscript.
  • Article those have already presented in the conferences should be mentioned in the footnote.
  • The manuscript should be written in Microsoft Word program, A4 paper in single column form, Font: Times New Roman 11, line spacing 1.5 with 2 cm margins.  Manuscripts should be in 20 pages including graphs and tables without written page number.
  • Article should be written in Indonesian (Perfected Spelling System/Ejaan yang disempurnakan (EYD)).  The other language those are used in the article should be written in italic format.
  • Manuscript should be prepared in the structure of article as follows: Title, Author, Abstract with keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (optional), References.
  • The submitted article should be original and sent online.
  • The final decision will be confirmed by correspondence email.

Free of charge for submitting, processing, and publishing the article in Jurnal Gizi Indonesia (The Indonesian Journal of Nutrition). Readers can read and download any full-text articles for free of charge.

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