Blogging is More than Just Journaling

From an old post in this blog: I write, or I blog, because I love to read.

Materials that have been read often being forgotten easily. Some people love to make a note to keep important things they found. I also take this approach to build my blogs.

Another opinion: First post of this blog

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Now I am a blogger. I maintain several blogs, I also have been deactivating some blogs too. My blogs cover broad spectrum of topic, of course most of them are things that I love. Sometimes I ask my friends or my students to start their own blog. I also glad that some of my friends are bloggers too.

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The love to write comes from love to read.

My Mom encourage me to read almost everything. She started to raise my reading habit by subscribing (buying regularly is better-fit terms, I think) children magazine. The magazine started from Bobo, Ananda, and the last is Mentari Putera Harapan. My Dad preferring serious (school-subject or even textbook) book to be my reading menu. He discourage me to borrow fiction books from my school library.

Now I still love to read, so I also still want to publish my own book.

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