Enjoy your present time, no need to hurry up. Just look around, perhaps you missed out something interesting. Look for great composition of colors in your daily skyline. Notice small amazing colorful animal in your backyard. Just take a relaxed focus to something you may not yet aware of.

It seems that somehow nature will wait you to found its greatness. It would ask you to enjoy your present from God, that is your present time. No worry for the future, He is already there. No sorry for the past, He has paid it all.

It is cool to notice that the perfect timing for enjoying the sunset (or sunrise) is just about 2 minutes. Blink your eyes and maybe you will miss great chance to make a perfect photo. After taking photos of sunset, the sun set quickly. Left you with another beautiful present time, just enjoy every single time you have.

Be grateful for your life. It’s a continuous present, come directly from God. Give thanks, and nature will wait you to experience another reason to give thanks.

maps of indonesia and taiwan

Sleman, Oct 1, 2020.

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