Please do something, otherwise that “just thinking” is your job. The world need everyone that do or produce something. Life itself is a process, we call a condition that no something done as dormant or even death.

Online virtual world need to filled with more good and positive things. Be a producer of goodness shared online. Don’t spread hatred. Don’t add negativity in the internet. There already more than enough doses of bad things out there.

Your passion and basic skill are gifts from God. Use it wisely. Make your voice heard, make your thoughts spread. Be responsible in doing that stuffs. Just make something, and review it if necessary. Don’t aim to produce a rare masterpiece or a perfect work. An improvement on a time is still acceptable.

Write down what is amaze you (or bother you) as writing is one of easy and cheap therapy to keep you sane. Don’t be overwhelmed with your tasks or daily chores. Take your time to reflect and write it down, you will be able to learn from it in the future. Others may get some benefit from learning from your experiences.

A regular brainstorming sessions are important to document the ideas that easily fly away from our memory. Ideas are the most important and valuable things over the production of something. Be active to select a promising idea, make it real, produce it. Every product has it supporter. Don’t be lazy. Just do something. Now.

be happy pursue your dream

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