Read the full article by Anna Wallin, Petri Nokelainen, &
Susanna Mikkonen [High Educ (2019) 77:359–378] at

Four general guidelines or principles that should be considered when designing postgraduate work-based higher education, to support the professional development of experienced professionals:

1. Allow the learners to self-manage their learning through reflection in order to build agency and self-regulative skills. Provide autonomy but at the same time provide support, if necessary.

2. Provide opportunities for learners to continuously solve ill-defined, non-routine problems and create challenges that trigger learning.

3. Support the learners’ personal transformation process and change of identity.

4. Acknowledge that expertise development is an ongoing, context-dependent and individualised process by providing multiple opportunities for participation and learning according to individual needs.

expertise development is an ongoing process

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